Sajid Javid’s appointment as Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has been described by BBC Radio 4 as ‘one of the most striking political promotions of recent years’. Striking, not to say the least, because Javid is a former investment banker, self-made millionaire and the son of 1960s Pakistani immigrants. Javid comes to the post after Maria Miller’s ungainly exit following her expenses scandal.

A Conservative party friend from his days studying at Exeter University has noted that they all saw Margaret Thatcher as a ‘heroine’, while describing Javid as having an ‘unbelievable work ethic’ and being ‘determined to achieve, relentless in fact’. This shows in his stellar banking career, for which he has been called a ‘guru of globalisation’, being the youngest ever Vice-President of Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, and a director of Deutsche Bank.

Javid has little to say for himself in terms of genuine care for arts and culture. 

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