How to review theatre when a member of the cast looks exactly like your ex

This happened to me this week and it was FREAKY. A boy in a play looked exactly like this boy I dated at uni. It was basically like time travel. He had the same slightly bouncy walk, cheek bones, hair style, crop jeans, tweed jacket, look, gestures. Wow.


I really want to know how this effected my experience of the play and thus my review. So really this blog post is about SUBJECTIVITY in theatre reviewing. Did I find him more funny in the play cus it was all nostalgic and took me back to some really good times? Was I actually a bit weirded out and disliked parts of the performance because they reminded me too much of the past? Was this actor actually modelling himself on my ex? 

Well obviously what it comes down to is that it actually was a very good little play. The actor actually was, in my personal opinion, very funny. So how did I review it? Well. That’s how I reviewed it. And probably the fact he looked like someone I once knew only effected things a tiny bit.

Glad I got that sorted.

The review hasn’t been published yet but feel free to try make guesses from my Twitter feed who the actor was.