New Year Blogging Goals 2017

  1. Review more of the theatre I see.
  2. At least a few interviews in 2017.
  3. Write reflectively about the things I love.
  4. Bring Jesus into the way I write about theatre.
  5. Write ponderously on poetry.
  6. Monthly reading round-ups.
  7. Comment on more theatre blogs.
  8. Read more culture blogs.
  9. Read more plays.
  10. Write about theatre marketing life.

Well, that’s basically a list of do more of everything, isn’t it? I think essentially, I know how much I get from sitting down to write and think and contemplate and remember. Those will know me have to put up with my terrible memory and I really want this blog to be a place to collect all my experiences.

I’m stepping down from helping out with marketing at A Younger Theatre next year so hopefully that will free up time. Plus I will no longer be a newbie at the Bush and I will still have a beautifully short commute time.

What are your blogging resolutions?