Review: X at the Royal Court

Person: There’s this base on Pluto. We’re stranded there. The world is set all wonky. Everything is very clean.

Tree: Yeah, except when Gilda ate cereal from the packet. There was a meme of that made sometime after. Her being so famous and – or was that Jessica – X? – never mind.

Person. Yeah but the “girls” are working fine – the air and water systems and such. Designed to outlast us all. It’s all slightly ominous.

Tree: It was all beautifully conceived. Adapted for life. Sterile, they called it, but really it was just very functional. It functioned. It kept on functioning.

Human: It’s like we’re stuck in sly-fy that’s what they called it. Space horror. We don’t even call it space anymore. Outer Space. Space. Space for? Space for what? Space. Out of space. The known world – the known – the outer, X.

Tree: And so it came to pass, as such, that the characters and not the space centre went into melt down.

Person: What did we really expect?

Human: I can’t believe they were left like that. Bottled. Slowly shaken.

Tree: After the time that they lost contact, or before

Person: There’s a girl.

Tree. The GIRL.

Human: Have you heard about the girl through the ages?

Person: She haunts us. Her mouth is a red x. She’s in here.

Human: She was all there was left in the end, that girl. What even was X do we decide?

Tree: X was many things to many people. It came to symbolise so much as its mythology ran through the ages. Down the ages. Whatever. X.

Human: It marks the spot where he died.

Person: We know things, here. How humans go. It’s all prepared. But we keep things, to make it all feel real. Bottled. Bird sounds. They play.

Tree: But the birds, they’ve gone. No more than a feathered memory. There was a special language to name the birds, back then.

Person: But we keep them. We keep playing their song.

Human: They found a little box, and if you played the tiny instruments in it, they made a sound. They called it “bird song.”

Person: shudders. The Girl.

Human: X.

Tree: It’s like we were stuck in X, that’s what they called it.

Person: And so it came to pass. To pass. X.

Human: They called it “bird song.”

Tree: Yeah but the “girls” kept working fine – the air and water systems and such.

Human: Designed to last. They’ve outlasted us all.

Person: XXX. The GIRL.

Tree: There was this girl. Her mouth, it was a red x.

Person: Marks the spot. X.

Human: X.

Bird song.