Top Ten South West Theatre First Tweets

To celebrate it’s 8th birthday, Twitter set up Discover Your First Tweet.

I am shamelessly stealing this brilliant idea from Alex Green (@123alexgreen), who has ranked some hilarious #FirstTweets by London theatres here.

Here are my favourite first tweets from theatres and theatre companies in my beloved South West.

10. Theatre Royal Winchester makes a tentative declaration of its journey into the forays of social media with a nicely placed typo

Theatre Royal Winchester

9. Theatre Royal Bath hires social media coordinator with no grasp of English grammar

Theatre Royal Bath

8. Exeter Northcott fails to nail clarity in 140 characters (what exactly do those dates apply to?)

Exeter Northcott

7. Bristol Old Vic prepares to mourn a world of traditional media (that’s what they mean, right?)

Bristol Old Vic

6. The Tobacco Factory Theatre makes an official announcement… And even gets two retweets.

Tabacco Factory

5. A taste of ironic pessimism from the Bike Shed, with bonus points for “twitterer”

Bike Shed Theatre

4. And a case of faithful optimism from the Watermill Theatre

Watermill Theatre

3. Nuffield Southampton come in third with a well-placed pun

Nuffield Theatre

2. Kneehigh with a British classic, an anecdotal comment on the weather


1. Salisbury Playhouse in first place with “we have NO IDEA what we are doing”
Salisbury Playhouse